Darkness Over Love

Paul Monk

A Writer’s Workbook

Darkness Over Love began as a private offering to a small circle of friends. It has now been made available to the public for two reasons. Firstly and some years ago, the author declared that he was working on a novel called Darkness over Love and it remains a work in progress that has grown in scope and ambition over the past five years. It is developing into a unique and ambitious literary work and this book is intended to show how it has been evolving.

Secondly,  the author has been under treatment for a metastatic melanoma and decided to create this work as a kind of memento in the event that the illness gets the better of him before he can complete the envisaged work of literature. It includes the full architecture of the story as it stands, dozens of new poems and songs and some wonderful art work; all indicative of his hopes for the finished work.

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