Paul’s services are for hire – but they are in high demand


Over the past seventeen years, Paul has conducted many, many workshops, using structured argumentation, specialized software and his powerful presence as a facilitator to tease out complex issues from corporate strategies, audit findings and conspiracy theories to legal arguments, intelligence puzzles to defence acquisition decisions. His company Clarity Associates delivers what its name suggests: transparent clarity in analysis, inference and decision. To these skills is now added the power of Percypt, in which he has undertaken to create and curate crowds of independent forecasters to generate well calibrated predictions of geopolitical developments.
He is also a prolific public intellectual who has the unique distinction of being a regular contributor to both the Fairfax and News Ltd press, to both Quadrant (generally seen as right wing) and The Australian Rationalist (generally seen as left wing). His writing spans an unusually wide range, as his seven books demonstrate. A reviewer of his 2015 book Opinions and Reflections declared that there have been only two figures in Australian letters who could brook comparison with him for erudition and literary flair: the late Pierre Ryckmans and the ailing Clive James. Unlike either of those writers, he is also a consultant whose knowledge, wisdom and skills can be engaged to tackle real and current challenges.


Paul is an speaker able to hold the floor on a range of topics. Without doubt, he is one of the best read speakers you are likely to hear and his erudition is firmly planted on a base of historical fact and contemporary reasoning.

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Paul’s next project, an historical novel, is highly ambitious in its imaginative reach. It is the story of the rise of Islam, told through the eyes of Abd al-Rahman, an 8th century Muslim prince, exile and conqueror. The project is intended to be a screenplay-ready epic; highly dramatic and topical in character and episodic in structure. And it is a tale like Game of Thrones, but in the real world; comparable, also, to other major TV series, such as House of Cards and Homeland;  with a dash of The Da Vinci Code. But the story is true, not merely fanciful.

He is a go-to man as a book reviewer and has published scores of accomplished book reviews and reflective essays in the mainstream press. Many of the best of these have been published in The West in a Nutshell (2009) and Opinions and Reflections (2015). But they continue to flow from his pen.


Life, fully expressed, is poetic, both for better and for worse, but not everyone can write poetry. Paul has written love poetry, notably Sonnets to a Promiscuous Beauty (2006) but also a wide variety of other verse, especially Credo and Twelve Poems (2016).

He believes that poetry is a distillation of perception and experience. This is captured in his poem The Bell and the Choir, one of the longer poems from Credo and Twelve Poems, which begins:

There are hymns to heard
On the Isle of the dead
Or such is the word
That is still being spread:

Neither brimstone nor fire
As threatened of old:
But and angelic choir
With voices of gold