The Secret Gospel According to Mark

Worldwide, the great religious traditions have failed to evolve to maintain their contemporary relevance for adherents. Old religious formulae and practices and moral stances have remained static and steadily lost their meaning, let alone constructive inspiration. Religious leaders are paralysed, or are leading their followers in resistance to modern realities. Only rare prophetic figures within religious traditions attempt to facilitate movement into contemporary human, social and cultural relevance. So within this general religious malaise what might it mean to be a Christian in our time?

Credo and Twelve Poems - A Cosmological Manifesto

This book consists of an essay, a credo, twelve poems and 205 aphorisms.

The essay provides a personal, scholarly reflection on where Paul Monk started, forty years ago, when he left his ancestral religion behind and where he was at the point when this book was being composed. 

The poems are a private articulation of felt life and a set of attempts to generate a lifeworld of his own. The aphorisms are improvisations on the themes opened up by the verse and are intended to define or point to something, a sketch of reality and meaning.

Opinions and Reflections (A Free Mind at Work 1990 - 2015 )

'Opinions and Reflections' is an edited selection of the work of a public intellectual with a distinctive independence of mind and a wide-ranging erudition.

Covering a generation of writing, it begins with reflections, in 1990, on the collapse of the Soviet bloc and concludes with observations, in 2015, on cosmology and intelligent design. In between, in over 120 pieces, there are incisive pieces on everything from North Korea to cancer and from Charles de Gaulle to J. R. R. Tolkien.

Darkness Over Love - A Writer’s Workbook

Darkness Over Love began as a private offering to a small circle of friends. It has now been made available to the public for two reasons.

Firstly, some years ago, the author declared that he was working on a novel called Darkness over Love and it remains a work in progress that has grown in scope and ambition over the past five years. It is developing into a unique and ambitious literary work and this book is intended to show how it has been evolving.

The West in a Nutshell

The West in a Nutshell is a book of reflective essays by Australian author Paul Monk. He subjects the world’s mystery and beauty to scrutinizing study.

The essays invite the reader to ponder the riches of Western civilisation and they present a distillation of those ideas that are most enduring and powerful in the Western intellectual tradition.

Fair Choices (2007)

A clear and dispassionate book on industrial relations reform was needed in the Federal election year 2007, with the Howard government's Work Choices legislation causing considerable debate in Australian society. This book was my contribution, at the urging and with the help of an industrial relations lawyer friend. As I remarked in the Preface, it was as clear and simple an explanation as possible as to how to grasp what was going on in that debate and how to negotiate sound work place agreements.

Unfortunately, this book is now out of print

Sonnets to a Promiscuous Beauty - A Homage to the Western Canon

This compact, physically beautiful book consists of twelve love poems in the form of Shakespearean style sonnets. Between them they tell an authentic and passionate love story, drawing on the full resources of the Western cultural tradition in terms of poetry, myth and theatre. Each is superbly illustrated by the late Jorg Schmeisser and accompanied by an erudite commentary by the poet on both the sources of his imagery and the unfolding psychology and erotic character of the love story the poems relate.

Thunder from the Silent Zone

Published in 2004-05, when China's suring growth fed illusions that its untrammelled future growth and institutional resilience would both ensure its integration into a liberal trading order and its benign rise to super power status, Thunder From the Silent Zone argued for a multi-scenario analysis of China's divergent possible futures even in the near term.

Unfortunately, this book is now out of print