A writer and Poet

Paul is the most versatile public intellectual writing in Australia these days. His current projects include a body of poetry under the working title Lyrical Epigrams and an epic drama about the foundation of the Emirate of Cordoba (Andalusia) in the 8th century. His authoritative op eds, reviews and topical essays on international affairs, his unique combination of experiences as a scholar, an intelligence analyst, a consultant and a widely travelled poet set him apart. That his first book (in 1990),was called Truth and Power is indicative of where his heart lies. His book on China - Thunder From the Silent Zone: Rethinking China (2005) was years ahead of its time in anticipating both the challenge China is now presenting to the world and the internal institutional challenges with which it is confronted itself. His 2009 book The West in a Nutshell: Foundations, Fragilities, Futures, covers a breathtaking range of topics, from climate history, to the difference between science, metaphysics and mythology, to opera, erotic poetry and 21st century strategic affairs. His first book of poems, with the striking title Sonnets to a Promiscuous Beauty: A Homage to the Western Canon, marked him out as an original and gifted poet as well as an analyst and essayist...


…With an INteresting Past

Paul graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1981 with a First Class Honours degree in European History, ancient, medieval and modern, with an honours thesis on the general strike and student rebellion in France in May 1968. He then did a PhD in International Relations at the Australian National University with a doctoral dissertation on American counter-insurgency strategy throughout the Cold War in Southeast Asia and Central America. Its examiners described the dissertation as 'staggering' and a model of how PhDs should be written. He was then recruited to the intelligence service and put to work on East Asia from 1990. By 1992 he was head of the Japan and Koreas Desk and in 1994 was appointed head of the China Desk in the Defence Intelligence Organization. He left government service in late 1995 and spent several years teaching Chinese politics and strategic affairs in leading universities, before co-founding a consulting company in 2000 which specialized in applied cognitive science and structured argumentation. He became a prolific essayist on cultural and international affairs and a published poet over the following few years. He is the author of ten books and has more in the pipeline.

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