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David Petraeus, counterinsurgency theorist, commander of the surge in Iraq and former head of the CIA

The Secret Gospel According to Mark

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Paul’s core expertise is in geopolitics, strategic studies, history and cognitive science. He is available as a consultant on bespoke terms in these areas and especially at their intersection: strategy, policy and judgement under uncertainty. He has a PhD in International Relations, was at one time head of first the Japan and Koreas Desk and then the China Desk in the Defence Intelligence Organization, has consulted in applied cognitive science for seventeen years and is the author of seven books, including Thunder From the Silent Zone: Rethinking China (2005) and The West in a Nutshell: Foundations, Fragilities, Futures (2009).

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Paul has spoken in many forums and is also both an excellent debater and a first rate moderator of debates or public discussions.

His greatest advantage over so many others on the circuit is the breadth of his knowledge and his independence from any church, party or corporate affiliation.

With Paul you get learning, candour and wry humour.

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Paul is a prolific author, with seven books over the past decade. His erudition is legendary, his prose lucid, his poetry alternately witty, romantic and profoundly reflective.

Paul’s books are in most cases available for purchase on-line from Echo Books

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